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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 21, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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be a whole lot worse. you heard that from bernie sanders. you heard it from donald trump. you heard it from ted cruz. there's a lot to dayissect there. >> but not from hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton takes a different stance. back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our viewers in that na "newsroom" with don lemon starts right now. thank you, wolf blitzer. i'm don lemon in for brooke baldwin. we're going to begin with major political developments that is first on cnn. republicans have a dozen main candidates to choose from. lind is see graham ending his run for president. . since announcing his campaign in june, the senator from south carolina has not been able to breakthrough in the polls hovering around 1%. he declared his dropping out in an interview with our very own kate baldwin. >> my campaign i will suspend my campaign.
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i won't suspend my desire to help the country. i will go back to iraq and afghanistan to get an update. the one thing i feel good about is is i did it with a smile on my face, i talked about things that are important to me and somebody better fix one day. >> why are you getting out of the race? >> i have hit a wall here. my campaign has come to a point where i need to think about getting out and helping somebody else. here's what i predict. i think the nominee of our party is going to adopt my plan when it comes time to articulate how to destroy isil. >> can't you do more in pushing that conversation be being in the race than by leaving it? >> to be a viable candidate, you have to have finances and you have to e get on the big stage. my biggest problem is that a lot of people like what u say but not many people hear it. this whole process started in a strange way. you couldn't get on the main
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stage until you polled at a certain level. if you never run before it's pretty hard. . if you don't come from a political family it's pretty hard hard. a small state, that's pretty hard. if you have a lot of money, you're going to do better. here's what i would advise the party to do in the tuch. the bottom line is people are coming my way in terms of a more robust foreign policy. they are very much in sync. kasich and christie. donald trump talks tough and tries to act tough. if he gets to be the nominee i will tell him about my plan. . i will make another prediction. i think hillary clinton is going to adopt most of this. >> r very interesting. kate is with me fou. first of all, he seems like relieved. >> in one regard it seemed like that. in another he said he was still grappling with it. at one point you're tell megayou're dropping out but you
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still sound like you're running. because he still wants to push his message. >> but he really has had trouble. he talked about it there. my regret is i didn't get on the big stage. is there one particular thing that made him want to get out of the >> he definitely blames the debate structure of the undercard debate. but he simply said he didn't see a path. e with hear that from when candidates drop out. he looked at the calendar. after what was reviewed for performance in our cnn debate he saw no bump out of that. >> people think this undercard debate is going to be boring. >> he's known for his one-liners. that's the best part. you never know what you're going to hear. he didn't see a path. if you look at the calendar, he and the campaign will say it had nothing to do with it. today was a deadline to get your name off of the south carolina
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ballot. so it helps to avoid what could potentially be an embarrassing showing for lindsey graham. throughout all of this he kept saying how proud he was in pushing the conversation on national security. and so that's why i asked him a little bit more about that. here's more of our interview. >> you often talk about the men and women in the military that you meet in your travels, that you served with. and you say you are there to fight for them. you're the one that is running that will fight the most for them. is there anyone left in the race that you trust to fight for them? >> i think jeb and marco get it. i think everybody loves the military. it's not that i care about them more than anybody else. i think i understand their world and they want to win. let me give you a story that kind of just caps it all off for me. there was a lieutenant command commander. he was an engineer, and it was
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his job to take an iraqi armed base and turn it into a center in one of the worst parts of baghdad. they were going to dedicate the courtroom while ufs there. so i flew over with colonel martin, who was my boss. and we took a tour of this facility with the commander and his team. he showed me around and as i left i said man, you have done hell of a job. . this came about in record time. he said i'm in it to win it. and i took off and i went one way in a helicopter. a few hours later he left and he was killed. i remember when i went back home i called his wife. and i told her how sorry i was and how proud she should be. she said don't worry, i wanted him there. and she wrote a letter that they
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read at the memorial service that just knocked everybody to their knees. she's got four kids. he could have gone home but he stayed. and they determined that i would meet him and he would get to tell me about what he was so proud of and the accomplishments he had made. most of it has been lost. it it really pisses me off. >> you don't often see that kind of emotion in someone who's saying he's. dropping out of the race. >> he really cares a about the men and wum in uniform. >> you see the passion in that interview. >> great interview, thank you. good to see you. lindsey graham may have been slow to gain in the polls, but his quick wit won over husbandis admirers. >> tip o'neil had a drink every
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night. we're going to drink more. >> i wasn't the best law student. by the end o of this debate it would be the most time i have spent in any library. >> what he said about john i think, was offensive. >> ted, getting in bed with iran and russia to save assad is inconceivable. >> senator santorum let me ask you. >> princess buttercup would not like this. >> wouldn't you like to export natural gas to cut putin's legs out from under him. the guy has a pair and he's walking all over obama. >> donald trump has done the one single thing you cannot do. declare can war on islam itself. isil would be dancing in the streets. . they just don't believe in dancing. >> you know how you make america great again? tell donald trump to go to hell. >> there you go.
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lindsey graham is the fourth candidate to end his run for the white house. joining rick perry and scott walker and bobby jindal. let's discuss more with the author of the book "too dumb to fail"." matt lewis is a a senior contribute at the daily call r. peter beinart is joining us. the undercard debates will now be unwatchable. >> they need to end it today. >> why? >> the only thing that made it redeeming at all was lindsey graham. both because he was funny, and also because he was so passionate and eloquent about his foreign policy approach. whether or not you agree with his world view, by the way.
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the most recent debate in las vegas, nobody on the main stage, whether it was rubio, jeb, kasich christie nobody made the case defending the sort of bush era foreign policy as well as lindsey graham did in the happy hour debate. >> peter, who is going to be the beneficiary of graham getting out? >> an interesting person to watch will be rubio. what lindsey graham has going is john mccain's enforcement. also some important people in his home staut of south carolina. his foreign policy views match up pretty well with rubio's. so the question will be does some of that support go to rubio? >> who is next to leave? >> i would look at mike huk huckabee. he had to slash payments to his staffers. that would help ted cruz. that would open up evangelicals in iowa for ted cruz. >> and matt? >> huckabee is a good bet. keep an eye on rand paul as
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well. i think what peter is getting at is a problem for rubio and the establishment lane. it's much more likely i think, that people leave that would help ted cruz. and i think cruz is already on his way to winning iowa. so at what point does a john kasich or jeb bush call it quits? that's the real question. it's going to be a problem for someone like marco rubio or chris christie that's trying to go that lane. >> what about a vice presidential contender? do you see graham as being a vice presidential candidate? >> i dent see him as vice president. i see him as secretary of defense. he helped himself by running here. a lot of times some of those people run and embarrass themselves and wish they had never run. other times people do it to get a cable tv spot or something maybe less than noble. raise their profile. in the case of lindsey graham, he's comported himself well and been impressive. if rubio becomes president, who would be a better secretary of
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defense than lindsey graham? >> let's turn to who is in the race now. donald trump is demanding an apology after hillary clinton said this during the democratic debate on saturday. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> so matt it's not true. he's demanding an apology. should clinton apologize? >> well -- >> should she address it? is this her thousands of muslims celebrating 9/11 moment? >> morally and ethically, she made a mistake and should do what bernie sanders did was is to apologize. politically it would be a mistake to do so. apologize.
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they are trying to spin it right now. democrats are saying she didn't mean a video. she meant that razz calls are using trump's rhetoric on the internet to exploit. >> they are showing it online. peter, what do you think? >>. i'm really surprised. first of all, why did she say that? there was no evidence for it. once they realized she said something not true they should have ended it right away by saying she misspoke. that would have been over. she had a strong debate performance. they are letting this overshadow that strong debate performance and they don't have a leg to stand on. >> should she address it? >> i think she should have said she was wrong and gotten out she was wrong right away. she still should. donald trump is not going to let it go. in this case donald trump is actually right. >> go ahead. >> too late now to apologize. this does reenforc stereotype about hillary clinton that she's less than truthful.
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that's a problem. >> things are getting more tense now between trump and jeb bush. so let's listen to the two of them against each other. >> just one other thing i have to get off my chest. donald trump is a jerk. >> he's an embarrassment to the bush family. he doesn't even want to use the bush name which is interesting. jeb is an embarrassment to himself and his family. >> so that was low. does this help bush at all? clearly, matt this is donald trump easter toir's trump's's territory. >> he is there and i don't think jeb bush took down donald trump in that last debate or even now. i think he's finally holding his
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own. it this is the guy who hasn't run for office in a dozen years. he was rusty and wasn't familiar with how negative the political environment is. he's finally kind of catching his groove. unfortunately, i think it's too late. trump defined jeb as a low energy candidate and it's just too late to turn that around. >> it stuck. peter, the last word. >> in a weird way this is becoming a side show. jeb is focusing his attention on donald trump. the real fight increasingly is between cruz and rubio. jeb has become a a side show at this point. >> thank you both. have a merry christmas. breaking news, u.s. troops are among those killed in a motorcycle suicide bomb attack in afghanistan. is this a sign that america's longest war is far from over? barbara starr will join us with the latest. . also disaster on the vegas strip. what we learned about the driver
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who police say veered her car on to a crowded sidewalk striking dozens of pedestrians feet from the casino. why police say this was no accident. and miss universe, did you see this? this was a a mistake heard around the world. we're going to talk with someone who was there when the wrong winner was announced and what was the confusion was like backstage and conspiracy theories are now swirling everywhere. >> i have to apologize. this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time.
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for brooke. breaking news in the war in afghanistan. american trops are in among the dead after a suicide bomber detonated near a a joint afghan. nato patrol. for more on this attack we want to bring in barbara starr. how did this attack happened and do we know how many americans died? >> we are still waiting for the official word from the pentagon. six killed, three injured. it was solely a u.s./afghan mission when they were attacked. so we're waiting for that find word on whether all six killed in action were indeed american troops. we know that some americans were killed. the pentagon expected to make an announcement in the coming hours. just as you say, it was a motorcycle apparently packed with explosives. a suicide bomber approached them and the result is terrible news for american and perhaps afghan military families as well.
11:20 am
as we await this word it appears that they were outside of a vehicle. they had gone to attend some sort of outdoor meeting. . they were outdoors when this happened. this is coming don, as the situation in afghanistan clearly is beginning to deteriorate. we're seeing insurgents in taliban resurge in many areas. >> let's talk more about that. we're also hearing the taliban have seized control of a key district. how much of a loss is this, barbara? >> this is very significant. the province in southern afghanistan has been a very traditional stronghold of the taliban and insurgent movement. they have been down there fighting for months now taking back bits of territory as the afghans advance. things go back and forth. perhaps the underlying issue here is because we're seeing the back and forth of small bits in certain places it
11:21 am
means that the afghan forces still after all these years simply not able to hold on to territory over the long haul. >> barbara starr, thank you so much. up next horror on the las vegas strip as a car speeds into crowds of peds leaving one person dead, injuring several others. what police are saying about the driver of that car, that's next. plus steve harvey crowns the wrong miss universe. a very awkward mistake. kpt online world has not been kind. i'm going to a talk to someone who was backstage last night. stick with us.
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more. breaking news to discuss. a deadly hit-and-run on the strip. a sheriff identifying the suspect who will now be charged with murder. the sheriff says a 24-year-old homeless woman from oregon deliberately plowed into a crowd of pedestrians killing at least one person. she did it with a small child in the car. the sheriff says it does not appear to be an act of terror. here's the sheriff from a few moments ago. >> the suspect lakisha holloway drove her car over pedestrians. she didn't stop. as of now, one person was killed and over 30 people were taken to area hospitals. three are critical with head injuries. >> the crime happened on a popular part of the strip.
11:26 am
it's highlighted there in red on that map and located between the paris hotel and planet hollywood. witnesses say the car, you can see it here jumped the sidewalk not once but three or four times. las vegas district attorney says holloway will be charged with murder. so let's bring in stephanie elam in las vegas and a spokeswoman for the university medical center for southern nevada. what do we know about what this woman was doing in las vegas? >> that doesn't seem to be a very long history at this point. police believe she'd only been here a week or so based on what she told them. she came from oregon. this was her car, but they believe she was living out of her car going from different parking garages with her 3-year-old child. they do believe she may have been estranged from the father and may have been trying to get
11:27 am
to where he is in texas and this was a part of the stopover. none of this explains why this had woman would do what she did and intentionally drive her car through a crowded sidewalk at 6:30 in the evening here in las vegas right on the strip. >> so the sheriff says that the medical center received several of the injured. how many in critical how many still hospitalized and types of injuries? >> the events last night show us how extremely quickly life can change. las vegas was full of these visitors and in just a few quick seconds they were headed to our trauma center. we received 15 patients. of those 15 one did pass away. this morning we have had had many discharged and now we have three in critical condition and two more in serious condition. >> three in critical and two in serious. what kind of injuries? >> we saw a lot of head injuries lacerations and broken bones. thankfully many were able to
11:28 am
walk out on crutches but the patients with us today are getting one-on-one nursing care and could be recovering for some time. >> you said you received 15 pishtatients. one of them died. many more were injured. and none life threatening at this moment. >> the patients who are kritcritical are indeed life threatening injuries and time will tell. sometimes it takes a few days to see how head injuries will resolve themselves. they are getting one-on-one nursing care right now. their families are here with them. not only are we taking care of patients, but also family members that could have been victims or just inside the casino and came to us as well. we're caring for both patients and their familyies right now. >> you don't know when it comes to head injuries. sometimes the symptoms show up days later. but in this case it may be critical but life threatening. any children involved in this?
11:29 am
>> we did have a pediatric patient who came to us, an 11-year-old. thankfully that patient has been discharged. we do have some other young family members who are with us waiting and wondering how their family members will be doing. so caring for both patients and families this morning. >> and stephanie, at the scene now, are things as normal as they can be or getting back to normal? >> reporter: yeah we have been out here all night, don. we have watched the strip open back up. traffic is moving through. people are walking through there again. but people are still shaken up. one of the things that keeps coming up as i walk and listen to people is whether or not this was someone who was acting out of terrorism. we heard that addressed by the officials. they do not believe that this was terrorism, but they can't 100% rule it out at this point because of the fact they know so little about her. it took so long for them to actually identify this woman. so because of that they can't rule it out, but based on their conversations and what they have
11:30 am
seen, they do not. believe that. she give her reasoning, but they didn't give us that reason in the press conference because they said they don't want to taint the jury pool. so while they may have an idea, we still do not. >> it's awful no matter what the cause is. thank you both. appreciate that. coming up a school district closing all 17 schools today after an e-mail threat. was this the right call? plus steve harvey crowns the wrong miss universe. we'll talk with someone who was there when the wrong winner was announced and what the confusion was like backstage, next.
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grab your popcorn. we're about to show you the the most stunning reversal ever seen anywhere in a pageant. this was the miss universe pageant. last night the host actor and comedian steve harvey before thousands of fans millions watching on tv crowned the wrong miss universe. he told the audience it was miss columbia when it was not. it was miss philippines. watch. >> good luck to both of you. miss universe 2015 is -- colombia colombia colombia!
11:35 am
11:36 am
a. miss universe 2015 is philippines! listen folks, let me just take control of this. this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake.
11:37 am
it was on the card. horrible mistake, but the right thing i can e show it to you right here the first runner up is colombia. it is my mistake. still a great night. >> a mess a mess. so now poor steve harvey. to add to the misery he went on social media and tweeted an apology to misspelled colombia and philippines and said i want to apologize to both. . you see it's misspelled with a "u." this was a terribly honest human mistake and i some so e regretful. he corrected the mistake and sent out a new tweet and said it was a bad night.
11:38 am
entertainment tonight host joins me now. >> maybe he was apologizing to me because i'm from columbia with a "u." >> you're the host of entertainment night. you were backstage. you were a prelim judge. steve harvey is a good guy. with both know him. >> very good guy. >> live tv is awful. . what a mess. what was it like back there? >> first of all, why were we both holding our hands like this? >> because it was like no! >> i feel like i need a drink after watching that again. i watched it so many times and it is really terrible to watch. i know steve feels terrible today. and also let's give a little credit to him because he stepped up on that stage like a man, by himself, took ownership of the mistake and tried his best to correct it. and that shows the measure of a man. >> did he say anything to you backstage? >> we didn't see steve. i didn't expect to see him.
11:39 am
i expected him to probably leave and probably went and had a moment or two with his wife or by himself. >> i said the same thing. his wife today was like it's okay you're okay. i know he feels awful, but here's the thing. the other girl -- for both women, miss philippines did not get. her moment. and the other girl was celebrating because she thought she won. it's a no-win situation all the way around. >> it went on for awhile. they gave her the crown. let her do her walk. backstage nobody knew what was going. on. remember the matrix when they do that. it was like everything was in slow motion. because everyone was just standing there with their mouths open like what is going on. i was waiting backstage because right after the show i was going
11:40 am
on stage to interview the new miss universe. i said here we go. we're going to interview her and get ready. she looks like sofia vergara. >> we were like she won. >> and then steve came out and said hold on, there's been a mistake. i talked to miss usa who was second runner up and she said i thought he was just making this bizarre joke because he's a comedian comedian. i didn't know what was going on. it was wild. >> you have an interview after. let's look at some of it right after. >> i was confused. i wasn't sure what was going on. i didn't expect that to happen at all. i was hesitateing to go up front because that could have been a mistake as well. i was looking at the people off stage like the staff and looking for signals or cues for them to cue me to get into the center of
11:41 am
the stage, in front of the stage. but even they were confused. i can't help but think of miss colombia as well. >> did you say anything to her? >> no because she was crying and then there was a crowd around her who were comforting her. >> they were very gracious both of them. >> she said she thought it would be bad timing to say something to her right then. i tell you what, i felt for her as well. her lips were trembling. she was shaking. she was on the verge of just breaking down herself. it was really an awkward situation. >> the thing is if you watch it you're like should i be celebrating now? then it seems like someone else's expense. the girl standing on stage just got the crown yanked off her head. do i smile, do i feel bad for
11:42 am
her. it seems to indicate that something z. >> i could not see the teleprompter. this is what the card looks like. on the left you see it says second runner up. first runner up miss colombia. and then the winner on the right is miss universe miss philippines. i saw the card. that's the official card that has it right. i didn't see a teleprompter so i don't know what went on there. but inside the crowd didn't like either of it. because miss colombia and miss philippines had the most people there. people were booing and would not leave. the loud speakers came on and kept asking people to leave. it was very intense. one of the judges told me last
11:43 am
night exclusively that she was really heartbroken for both of them because all of the girls went over to console miss clom colombia and nobody congratulated miss philippines. >> she never got her moment. so what do you do? >> i got to run. but this is the story of the day. this is the water cooler. the video to support it and then you have all this juicy stuff that happened after. donald trump is saying there should be co-miss universes now. do you think there's any discussion like that in the pageant? >> i don't know if if there was any discussion like that. i said the same thing last night. immediately after i said what if they can make them co-miss universes because it was a weird situation. i tell you during the preliminaries i did get to interview both. of those ladies because they go
11:44 am
through the interview process. both were phenomenal and both talked about how much of a lifelong dream this was for them to be miss universe. the pageants in the countries are a way of life. they breed these girls. but both of them, it was their lifelong dream. i can't imagine how they are feeling today. cuekudos to miss colombia. she was very, very, very gracious in a situation where she could have felt a lot different. >> i wonder if miss usa was like i'm glad i ain't in this mess. >> they are telling me i got to go. i could talk to you all day. girl this is a mess. merry christmas. thank you. up next new hampshire school district closing all 17 schools after an e-mail threat. was it the right call. stay with us.
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take a look at the screen. we're just getting pictures in. you're looking at seaworld in florida. passengers have been trapped on a ride at seaworld in orlando. this has been happening for more than an hour now. it is called the sky tower. if you have been there, you have seen it. it goes up on the needle-like thing. 400 feet high these passengers are about half way up that. you can see emergency crews are working to e get them down. we're going to continue to follow this story and bring you updates. these are emergency workers on the scene. seaworld in orlando, california, where passengers have been stuck on that ride that sky tower ride for over an hour now. orlando, florida.
11:49 am
we'll continue to check. . the fbi looking into another school threat. this time in new hampshire. the district closed a all 17 schools toezday. the decision was made after administrator got an e-mail with a e detail threat. that e-mail contained specifics. here it is. >> one of the school administrators received an e-mail earlier in the day and that was when we received notification of this threat that was received. so it was a threat that was received via e-mail that had specific directions towards the two high schools with specific threats of violence, which is why we're taking it seriously >> officials don't know how credible the threat is. this comes after e-mail threats last week in new york city texas and los angeles. but we're told the threats in new hampshire are not the same as those in new york and l.a. david kaths is here, homeland
11:50 am
security expert. so john we talked about this last week. the school officials do the right thing here? >> i think they did. i'll leave it up to them to make these decisions, but what i would like to see is standard operating procedures across the united states where schools and sheriff departments start coming together and thinking these things through before they happy they give it some thought, but when it is this big of a threat there needs to be some preplanned initiatives to how they are going to handle this. i would rather see them ere on the side of caution. >> you were critical of new york. >> that's what i don't want to see. i don't think closing down schools will raise the fear level. >> i disagree. the reason i disagree is 95% of the time the threats are unfounded. you kind of bias with it's
11:51 am
probably not legitimate. from that point, you make an assessment. it's a a specific threat. who is judging that. if it's a school administrator, you have a person who is well intentioned who is worried. i get that. maybe they don't have the necessary background training and experience to say this one we take seriously, this one perhaps not. >> if you close schools is that a domino effect? >> every year the kids take the s.a.t. on a saturday morning. you know how many schools get bomb threats? close a school and cancel the test. you can't do that. you have to take them separate. >>. it's sad but true. the fbi is looking at the e-mail. they will be able to trace this won't they? >> to an extent. i think there's technology out there where people can mask where this e e-mail is coming from. i don't know who sent this is that advanced in this but the fbi is really good at what they do when it comes to tracking this. as soon as they get a
11:52 am
terroristic threat the joint task force is going to be involved. i think they are going to be able to at least trace this back somewhat to where it came from. but i just want to say that when we do look at these things, some of the feedback from parents that heard what i said agree edd with what l.a. did. what you're seeing from the school administrators is what the parents actually think is important. i know what law enforcement says that we can't verify it's not credible. but to parents and to school administrators, if there's a threat it has to be at least looked into. sometimes shutting these schools down is safer than assuming that it's nothing. >> thank you both. u appreciate that. i want to get back to breaking news. we have new pictures in. you seat rescue or the emergency bucket going up now. this is in orlando, florida. this is at seaworld.
11:53 am
this is where the passengers have been stuck for more than an hour on this ride. this is a statement as we look at these pictures. are these live? on the right is a live picture. on the left is from moments ago. emergency crews going up to try to rescue those people. this is about 400 feet up. they are about half way up now. life is going on because you see the pink flamingos in the water, but there's this bucket. we are working closely with orange county fire rescue to remove all guests from the ride. we are in constant communication with the guests and team members on the ride and all passengers are safe. the safety of our guests and team members' is seaworld's top priority. jonathan gill yan, this is a dilemma? they have to make provisions that things are going to go wrong on rides, but it's
11:54 am
certainly pretty frightening. >> it is, but these rescue workers train for this type of thing. you don't put something like this up in the city without having some type of rescue plan. and unfortunately these rescue plans normally take a little bit more time. we have the tram that goes over the east river to roosevelt island and this happens once every couple years. it's not a fast process to get these people out of here. >> but again live pictures and the pictures are going in and out court se of our affiliate. look at the people here inside this space needle. they are waving. it probably ruined their day for just awhile at least. they are not moving. luckily it's not so hot out right now. i'm sure the thing is air-conditioned. this is what's happening in the world today on this week before
11:55 am
christmas. we have a situation happening in orlando, florida at seaworld. some folks are stuck. there's the bucket. just underneath our banner right now them trying to rescue these people. i don't know how many people they can can get in a bucket at that time, but there's a lot of people on that ride. hopefully they will get it working and get them all out of there. a quick break. more news right after this. today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges®
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11:58 am
i think it's every
11:59 am
american's duty to give back to thundershower coin tru. >> i have a soft spot for the military. when my son went to iraq on two tours, i wasn't e prepared z for how he came home. >> isolation was the first thing they saw. i didn't feel anything wrong with me. i was diagnosed with ptsd. >> my son was broken. so i did what any ore mother would do is help fix their son. i thought of the idea of service dogs for post-traumatic stress. so when i approached him with the idea, that's when the saw is a spark come back in his eyes. >> we looked at rescue animals out of shelters. >> if the dog does not make the program, we find them a good home. >> canines for warriors. i was making all their foot and brett was training the dogs and it grew and grew and grew into an organization that's saving lives. our mission is to get them back
12:00 pm
into civilian life with dignity and independence. >> i feel great. r for the first time in a long time whenever i'd go to stores, i noticed i would go into an anxiety attack. >> we're a nationwide organization now and i never dreamt that would happen pop to see my own son helping others is a amazing to watch. it's the top of the hour. we have breaking news. you're looking at pictures out of seaworld in orlando, florida. these people have been stuck for more than an hour sort of in the middle part of this needle ride. the rescue bucket has just gotten to them. not sure how many people are on this thing, but there are dozens. they have been staring in the window looking at these rescuers. they have been trapped for medicine an hour. it's called the sky tower. they are half way up. emergency crews working there to
12:01 pm
try to get them down. they put a small bucket up there. that won't be able to get to all those people but maybe it's people who go up to fix it. i'm not sure. but they are stuck here. seaworld releasing a statement. we are working closely with orange county fire and rescue to remove all guests from the ride. we're in constant communeication with the guests and team members. the safety of our guests is seaworld's top priority. now you see them exiting the bucket and it's pretty tight there, but they are at the center of the top of that cylinder. and so i doubt that this bucket considering the size maybe it will but i doubt it, will be used to remove people. these guys are probably on a repair mission to try to fix it. but we'll see. one never knows. but again, they are stuck.
12:02 pm
probably not the way they wanted to spend their christmas holiday vacation as they are going to seaworld to enjoy the holidays with their kids. now they are stuck. but i think, jonathan this is going to work out well because they are going o to get lots of free stuff. >> you don't want to be in this position. there's an exit plan. there has to be. when i was in the fbi, one of the things i did was work in crisis management. i got to work around the fire department and these first responders have a plan. that's why you see this particular basket. i'm sure they have done their research. they know exactly how if they do have to rescue these people they always have a plan that takes the fluidity out of it so they can think their way through this. this may be as you said, individuals are beginning to be
12:03 pm
working on this to try to get. a breaking system or something that has malfunctioned and stopped this. it looks like people are in good spirits. i would think the main thing is if you have anybody that's clost er closter phobic or afraid of heights, you could have medical issues. >> we'll watch it. good luck to those folks and the rescuers and repair people. we'll keep an eye on this for you. turning now to major political developments. lindsey graham ending his run for presidential leaving republicans with just one dozen, only a dozen main candidates to choose from in the race for the white house. he's announcing it and has not been able to breakthrough in the pollings pollings. he's dropping out, announced in an interview with kate baldwin.
12:04 pm
>> why are you getting out of the race? >> i've hit a wall. my campaign came to a point where i need to think about getting out and helping somebody else. here's whatpredict. the nominee of our party is going to adopt my plan when it comes time to articulate how to destroy isil. >> so let's discuss now with republican presidential candidate rick santorum. so you were just on the under undercard stage with lindsey graham. i have to get your reaction. do you have a rescue plan for orlando before we get to this news. what's your plt form on that? >> the biggest thing they can do is reward them greatly for having to spend as much time up there. if they get out of there soon, it won't be a big deal. the real question is if they are there for a long period of time that can get dicey for folks.
12:05 pm
>> so you do have a platform on rescuing people from seaworld? >> plan for everything. >> you hold lindsey graham in great respect. so what do you think happened? how do you feel? >> lindsey graham is a friend. he's a warrior in the sense. he really cares deeply about the national security of our country. that's the reason he ran. the fact that paris and san bernardino happened thrust the issues of national security can to the front of everybody's campaign. not just his. in a sense accomplished what lindsey graham was concerned about, which is people taking this issue seriously and making sure we had a strong candidate to stand up to the policies of this administration. i think paris and san bernardino have forced that issue and lindsey can go back to the senate and be supportive of that next president who will take on isis and iran and other countries threatening us. >> he's a military man and
12:06 pm
national security. you're not going to like this question. but as you sit there and listen to lindsey graham and look at how you're standing in the polls because you have rated lower than him. is there something you want to announce here on this show to don lemon on cnn? >> thank you for the opportunity, i really appreciate that. the announcement will be that it's a long way to iowa. we were sitting pretty much this place four years ago about six or seven weeks out. we had some candidates on the rise at that point herman was falling and we're seeing a similar pattern now with some candidates falling back into the pack and a couple candidates rising. and there's plenty of time for a late surge in iowa. >> senator, he said he's hit a wall. i think he's being very pragmatic about it. he has regrets and all of that. but do you think there are other
12:07 pm
candidates including yourself who are k look at this going, maybe it's time. >> i'm convicted that this race is an important race for the country and that i'm the candidate that can keep america safe. who has the experience and knowledge and someone who can bring this country together which if you look at the rest of the pack there's some that can and a lot that can't. i'm very confident that the people of iowa will figure that out end of january. >> fair nufr. hillary clinton's press secretary tweeted a response to lindsey graham get. ing out of the race. there's no one left in president gop field who supports immigration reform plan that has a path to citizenship. what is your response to that? >> well you have people who have supported that in the past. you have several candidates who supported path to citizenship, path to legalization and i think what you have seen is that the american public has said and
12:08 pm
certainly republican primary voters have said this is not a viable option for republicans. we have to be the party that stands up for american workers and when you have over 12 million workers in this country competing, wages are down opportunities for those who don't have college degrees is plummeting in america. we're bringing in over a million legal immigrants as well as over 12 million illegal imgrants who are almost all wage earners. i think american workers have said enough. e we deserve an opportunity to live the american dream and our immigration policyies are hurting that opportunity. >> so it doesn't back the gop or the candidates into a corner on immigration because there's not much difference in everybody else's plan. do you think it limits the voters' choices?
12:09 pm
>> i would say there's no difference between any of the candidates ob on the democratic side. at least the republican side you have some differences. there are a couple republican candidates who share my point of view that we should not be legalizing people here in this country. number two there are very few that believe we should be limiting some of the immigration that we have particularly lower wage workers in a time when even the democrats talk about this all the time how the opportunities for those at the bottom of the economic scale to be able to rise in america is harder and harder than ever. yet those same people want to bring in a million plus people a year almost all of whom are going to compete against the very workers that are having trouble. the rhetoric on the democratic side doesn't match the reality of what american workers are going through. i think if we had a republican candidate who didn't align with wall street aligned with
12:10 pm
american workers on the issue of immigration that can be a powerful nominee against hillary clinton. >> i got some things i want to get to so if you can comment on them briefly i would appreciate it. i want to can ask you about donald trump and hillary clinton saying recruiting tool showing videos now there's no evidence of that. donald trump asking her to apologize. do you think she should apologize? >> look i don't donald trump apologizes for anything he says and i suspect hillary clinton will not be apologizing to donald trump. that's just banter. the reality is that the recruiting tool is the weakness that the united states is portraying in allowing them to expand. the rhetoric coming o out of the white house isn't going to stop isis. what's going to stop isis is boots on the ground and taking back their land. >> we have to end it there because we have breaking news. i appreciate you joining us. merry christmas to you and your family. this is some breaking news
12:11 pm
out of afghanistan today. we now know that a suicide bomber on a motorbike killed six american troops. it happened near an airfield and it was a targeted attack on the nato patrol. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr joins us now with more. how did this attack happen and who is taking responsibility? >> good afternoon, don. we don't have an official claim of responsibility that's been confirmed. the taliban are suspect number one in this. six american troops killed during this holiday season. two additional american troops wounded. the third wounded was a contractor. this happened it was a motorcycle suicide bomb. the motorcycle approached the troops detonated the bomb. they were apparently attending some sort of meeting outside after going on this patrol outside of the bagram air base.
12:12 pm
this is difficult for families at this holiday season. afghanistan not a very calm place at the end of 2015. we have seen violence break out in the north. violence in kabul. this attack and in southern afghanistan, the traditional stronghold of the taliban. a number of attacks down there, u.s. advisers being sent down there in the last several weeks to try to help out there. very very tough beginning. >> barbara starr, thank you very much. up next he's the only person to be arrested in the aftermontana of a terror attack in san bernardino. the friend of the shooter who bought the rifles used in the attack is appearing in court. why enrique marquez is a serious flight risk. also disaster on the vegas strip. what we learned about the driver who veered her car on to a crowded sidewalk just feet from
12:13 pm
the casinos. it was no accident. and we continue to monitor the breaking news out of orlando, florida, where people are still trapped on a seaworld ride well over an hour now. we'll continue to monitor this for you. gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
12:14 pm
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12:16 pm
and all is right with the world. there's that stuck ride no longer stuck. they have been rescued. so you see the sky tower, folks are cominge inging down. they were up there for more than an hour. we saw the rescue capsule go. up with a couple men in it and you can see those guys are still on top of that. as u said it's probablyrepairing it and not rescue people because the bucket was too small.
12:17 pm
so they have gotten this it thing loose. folks are on their way down and can enjoy their vacation hopefully after this. it won't. get stuck anymore on with the christmas break. all those folks who went to florida to seaworld. and as you can see, it's almost to the bottom now. they will be off that ride and probably get some presents and gifts and incentives to come back to seaworld or enjoy it more. we hope everything is okay. if something happens, we'll get back to it. let's get to las vegas. a woman suspected of deliberately plowing her car into peds on the las vegas strip is going to face a murder charge. lakisha holloway a homeless woman from oregon. law enforcement officials say that they don't believe holloway was motivated by terrorism, but they won't rule out terror quite yet. >> she had some disassociation with the father of her child and then prior to the event her
12:18 pm
being what we believe to be in las vegas approximately a week and homeless and residing within her vehicle. we don't know the exact recipient that caused her to snap or whether it was planned previously. >>. and again, one person died there. the sheriff says 37 others were injured. some of them seriously. many are in the hospital. we're going to check in with stephanie elam in las vegas. what other charges could she potentially face? >> well besides the one person that we know that did die, several other people were injured and so she could face charges related to that. there's still three people who are in critical condition with head wounds. when you look at that and the fact her 3-year-old child frs in the car, she's looking at a number of charges. take a listen to what they say they are planning to charge her with either today or tomorrow.
12:19 pm
>> we intend to file charges immediately. we are going to start off by filing one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon. we will also be filing additional charges as the information flows to our office. the other charges we're considering are a multitude of counts of attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon child abuse and neglect, which pertains to the toddler, that was in the backseat of this vehicle, as well as the felony count of leaving the scene of an accident. >> and as to that point about terrorism, the reason they are saying they can't rule it out even though they think this has nothing to do with terrorism is they have had a a hard time tracking down her identity and learning more about her. because they don't have a lot of information about her history, they can't rule it out at this point. they are saying they do believe it's unlikely to be terrorism.
12:20 pm
>> lots to investigate here. also toxicology reports and all that. thank you, stephanie. next the man accused of buying the guns used in the san bernardino attacks faces a judge. all the latest from inside the courtroom, that's coming up. . and the miss universe mistake heard around the world. steve harvey crowns the wrong winner. conspiracy theoryies swirling around what would they do to fix the situation. >> i have to apologize. this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much
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court today for the only person charge edd in the san bernardino massacre that left 14 people dead. enrique marquez finding out today if he'll get bail. he's accused of buying the rifle rifles used in the attack and plotting terror attacks with the killer syed rizwan farook back in 2011 and 2012. the attacks --. we have someone in the courtroom. you have new information from the judge. >> reporter: the hearing just happened just wrapping up about ten minutes ago. the judge denied bond denyied bond to enrique marquez. not saying the reason being he's a flight risk. he didn't say he was concerned about marquez trying to flee the
12:25 pm
area. the reason he wanted to hold marquez what the judge said is that he felt that there was concerns about whether the community would be in danger if he was released. so enrique marquez is going to continue to be held in custody until his trial begins. and don, something we should mention is he had a a very unusual appearance when he walked out. he's been described to us throughout all of this since the shooting happened as being a little goofy, a little light hearted. that is exactly the persona he wore in court. he appeared a little dazed, she was shackled at the wrists and ankles. despite that he was smiling, looking up at the lights. he seemed completely aware of these very serious charges, conspireing to supply support to terrorism. but he didn't seem bothered that the proceedings were happening. so for now, the judge ordering he remain behind bars.
12:26 pm
don? >> did he say anything? >> reporter: he didn't say anything. e he did say yes and no. e he spoke fluidly with his attorney but he didn't speak directly to the judge. he did not enter a plea. that will happen at a later date. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. he could be the first gentleman in the white house. carly fiorina's husband sits down with cnn to talk about how he predibtsed her rise to the national stage and what he thinks about the attacks against her. plus it's the whoops moment heard around the world. steve harvey crowning the wrong miss universe. we're going to talk about donald trump's reaction to the huge mix-up.
12:27 pm
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12:30 pm
it is the bottom of the hour. in his last interview before taking the holiday break, president obama sadistist cannot destroy the united states and that's important for americans to keep things in perspective. here's more from the president speaking to npr. >> if you have been watching television for the last month, all you've been seeing all you've been hearing about is these guys with with masks or black flags who are potentially coming to get you. so i understand why people are concerned about it and this is is a serious situation, but what is important is for people to recognize that the power, the
12:31 pm
strength of the united states and its allies are not threatened by an organization like this. >> our white house correspondent is michelle kosinski who is in hawaii. look at that backdrop. >> i'm supposed to be working here? i'm supposed to be doing work? i'll take that under consideration, don. i'll get on that. >> the president seemed to blame the media in part for. the unease americans are feeling about isis. that's been a bit controversial among many people. >> reporter: right, just before taking off for his rayvacation, this was a serious, wide ranging interview. especially on the subject of isis. de despite the criticism that's been lobbed during the political season including from some from his own party despite the polls showing so many americans not agreeing with current isis strategy the president
12:32 pm
extensively defended that strategy. describing why certain things wouldn't work. when asked why does so many americans disagree with what you're doing, he cited not only isis's own propaganda machine, but also the media. listen. >> look the media is pursuing ratings. this is a legitimate news story. i think that it's up to the media to make a determination about how they want to cover things. there's no doubt that the actions of isil are are designed to amplify their power and the threat that they pose. >> reporter: he thinks that there is a legitimate criticism among people who say the administration maybe hasn't informed people enough about all that has been done thus far
12:33 pm
against isis. he said it's a goal to better inform people about that. he also hit at critics saying there's a few people out there, hillary clinton, lindsey graham who propose alternatives that are specific. things like sending a small number of ground troops or establishing a no-fly zone. he explained why he thinks those methods wouldn't work. he said for the most part the criticism has been quite general. things like simply more bombing. don. >> so let's talk about the reason you're there for the president's vacation. i have been there on my own vacation at the time. have issues getting around when the president is there. he likes to go to the shaved ice place and get pizza and all this stuff. so what's he doing for fun? >> reporter: he's only been here a couple days but he has managed to make time for golfing, of course. dinner out with friends, hiking with the family. it is surprising how few events there really are. there's not a lot of movement
12:34 pm
out of the house they rent. they spend a lot of time just being together and being quiet there. and then at night sometimes they go out for a dinner and things like that. but so far, no public events on his schedule. we do expect him to meet with the troops on the base here on christmas day. that's become a yearly tradition. >> enjoy, michelle it's beautiful. merry christmas to you. behind every good man is a good woman. but what if the person standing out in front is that good woman? our correspondent dana bash sits down with the husband of republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. he shares what life with carly is like and what being first gentleman could possibly entail. >> good morning, girls. >> inside carly fiorina's headquarters a visit with young campaign aids and a thank you. >> we really appreciate it. >> this is frank's role these days a supportive husband who
12:35 pm
does whatever he can to help his wife's presidential bid. >> you are mr. carly fiorina. >> i was always proud to be. always proud to be. >> reporter: taking a backseat to his wife is hardly new for him. he predicted it when he met carly more than 30 years ago when they were both working at at&t. >> i was a higher level than her, but there was no doubt in my mind she was going to surpass me in the ranks at at&t. rightfully so. she would be chairman some day. >> did you tell her that? >> i did tell her that. i'm not even quite sure why. at the time, it was a mixture of a great line and the truth. >> reporter: it wasn't at&t but carly did become a ceo at hewlett-packard and frank decided to quit his job to support her. >> you retired a at age 48 the peak of your career to be carly's husband. >> that's true. it was quite controversial,
12:36 pm
believe me. i knew it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: but playing the supportive role isn't always easy. >> when you think about a person that's that smart and that hard working and that focused, it's hard to keep up sometimes. >> reporter: they never had had children of their own, but carly bonded with his then young daughters like none of his other dates had. >> it was just like a disney movie. they would play havoc with my dates. when i finally got to bring carly home it was pretty clear to me that the three of them loved each other. >> reporter: in 2009 one of frank's daughters died of a drug overdose the same year carly was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> it was a bad year. i kept saying this is going to end badly. she was too smart. too educated and she would never admit she had a problem. >> reporter: he wears a bracelet made from a necklace lori wore the day she died. >> it was a necklace that carry
12:37 pm
bought her. i know it looks silly -- >> no it doesn't. >> i wear it all the time. >> my husband lost one of our daughters to addiction. >> she often talks about the loss of her stepdaughter and the need to fight addiction. he also talks about who frank who started out as a technician and tow truck driver keeps her grounded. >> why would i want to be president? my husband asks me that occasionally. >> do you like politics? >> not particularly. politics is so different than business. i spent my whole life in business and in work inging. >> he's often with carly on the trail, but mostly keeps his opinions to himself. >> i'm very cautious about when i give her advice. very cautious. >> why? >> because she has so many people giving her advice. i really try to pick my targets. if there's something i really feel she's being misled about, i
12:38 pm
speak up. >> reporter: like most political spouses, he takes attacks harder than she does. >> when you hear criticism of your wife, what do you want to do? >> i'm an italian boy from pittsburgh. i don't need to explain what i'd really like to do. but it just infuriates me. >> reporter: when donald trump made fun of his wife's face -- >> i almost thought it was humorous. out of all the people on the stage, it would be hard to say there was anything wrong with carly's face i would say. >> do you think she's treated differently because she's a woman? >> carly won't say this but i will. i have watched for 34 years how she's been treated differently in everything she's done in life. everything. >> still frank's prediction about carly's business success came true. they are both hoping he was prophetic about politics.
12:39 pm
>> at least 18, 20 years ago i said she was going to be president some day. i wasn't encouraging her to do that. i was just stating the obvious. that's all. >> she knows how to handle herself up on that debate stage. certainly other ladies too know how to handle themselves on stage. we're talking about miss universe. the huge faux paw by steve harvey who announced the wrong winner as miss universe. then he had to backtrack and make the correction live on tv. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is
12:40 pm
philippines! this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> wow, every time it's like the first time. of course, there are conspiracy theories this was all an act done for the purpose of ratings. and now with me to talk about that is npr's media and tv critic. come on i know you have been watching this blow up on the internet. conspiracy theories for ratings happen at the end of the show, steve would have to be crazy to take the hit for this sorlt of thing that it was on purpose. >> yeah, i would be highly skeptical of that particular idea. i need to see some proof that that happened. it's a huge hit to his
12:41 pm
credibility as a host and this is the first miss universe since donald trump sold this concern to new owners. so i'm sure they wanted everything to go off without a hitch. i don't believe that happened. >> let's put up his response. he said very sad what happened last night at miss universe pageant. i sold it for a record price. this would never have happened. maybe it would never happened because he wouldn't have hired steve harvey who knows. but it could turn out to be good for the pageant. it's not good for the ladies up there and it's not good for steve harvey poor guy. it's live tv it happens. >> donald trump is great. at saying things you can't necessarily confirm. so who foes whether or not this would have happened if he still owned the pageant. in these live situations particularly live contests live
12:42 pm
award shows, one of the most important things you can do is make sure you get the results right. we know in 2013 the miss universe canada pageant had a problem where they announced the wrong winner because of a mathematical error. they didn't find out for hours, i think the next day. so this is not unheard of. the biggest mistake you can make is announcing the wrong winner. >> i want ask to ask you this because we're running out of time. steve has been taking a hit on social media. i think steve is probably a little touchy when it comes to criticism. what's going on there? >> obviously, this is a viral video. everybody can understand this idea. everyone is talking about it. there was a report in the daily news there was a video that showed him complaining backstage
12:43 pm
that the tell prmteprompter was wrong and even though the card was right, the teleprompter was wrong. you have to be careful about announcing the winner of a pageant. there should have been. extra care taken to make sure that steve had the right information. but everyone is human. it's always possible to make a mistake. and people shouldn't be so harsh. i'm seeing criticism online that veers into racism because he's african-american and because there's been a lot of controversy about trump's comments about people of color, particularly muslims and mexican immigrants. so that's a real issue and a. >> it's just ridiculous people go there. but again, live tv it's tough. it's not as easy when you're sitting in your living room. appreciate it. see you soon.
12:44 pm
up next president obama highlighting a tragic death of a high school athlete shot and killed while shielding his friends from a spray of bullets in tennessee. the mayor joins us live next as her city remembers him as a hee e row. and later an american soldier honored decades after an act of courage that saved the troops under his command. a man so humble he never even told his family about it. we're going to speak with his son. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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12:47 pm
a tennessee high school football player being called a hero for saving the lives of three friends. the 15-year-old was killed shielding three girls from a spray of bullets. police are call figure a gang-related shooting. the police chief broke down describing the young man's
12:48 pm
courageous act. >> a 15-year-old high school student and football player was struck and killed after he had jumped on top of three girls to shield them -- sorry, to shield them from the shooters. >> he was just 15 years old. joinings now is the mayor. mayor, thank you for joining us. i wish we could have met under better circumstances. tell our viewers what happened that night because these were just friends sitting on a porch. they were not involved in the gang activity. >> that's right, they weren't. they actually had been at their high school basketball game and had left the game and gone home and were just visiting like
12:49 pm
young people like to do. they were totally innocent and yet violence erupted around them and he responded by shielding his friends, the young girls and lost his life in the process. >> my good. ness. tell us about him. you called him a mentor to his peers, his coach said he was well liked. by everyone in the school. >> right, i didn't know him personally but i know his mentors and his coaches and i have talked with them since then. and every one of them talked about what a great kid he was, bha awhat a great friend. he was a mentee he participated in the 100 black men organization here. he was one of the mentees. i know the men who mentored him and he would take up and help the other young mentees who were part of the program. he participated in
12:50 pm
with emerald youth foundation another one of our groups that reaches out and works with opeople. he played football. he has great coaches there at fulton high school. he comes from a great family. his mom was very involved in the school and with the coaches and with the community. so as i said he's one of our success stories. he shows that if you give our young people -- when you give our young people opportunity and give them a chance to see it and to grasp it and to utilize those resources that they will step up to it. and so it's such a loss for our community, for all of us. certainly his family and his friends, but for all of us. but also we're, you know it's an opportunity to show that when the community surrounds our young people then they can achieve. they can be on the right track. and he's a perfect example of that. >> yeah. i know it's probably bittersweet to you and to everyone because the president did mention him last night saying he was a hero. my question to you is do you
12:51 pm
know why someone would shoot these kids? >> well i don't think -- they weren't the target. i think there was some violence. and the investigation is still going on. but when you have heightened anger and rage over some other things that are going on often innocent people get caught in that. >> yep. >> and as far as we can tell that's what it is. but again, the investigation is ongoing. but these were good kids. just happened to be there, where it was appropriate for them to be. >> wrong place at the wrong time as they say, mayor. thank you, mayor, hearts and prayers are with you. up next an american soldier who stood up to the nazis and saved the lives of the jewish troops under his command. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared?
12:52 pm
could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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an american world war ii p.o.w. has been honored in israel as a holocaust hero for saving the lives of his jewish comrades. master sergeant roddie edwards refused to tell german officer which of his men were jews even with a gun barrel pressed to his head. cnn's oren liebermann has the back story. >> reporter: the story of master sergeant roddy ed munds, only days after arriving in europe in battle of the bulge, taken to 9b a nazi prisoner of war camp arriving christmas day. starving he and his friends drew up plans for a restaurant eating off an imaginary menu. after 30 days he was moved to another p.o.w. camp where he was tested in a confrontation with nazi doctrine.
12:56 pm
the german commander ordered him to separate out his jewish soldiers soldiers. a christian, he refused. the next morning his 1,200 american soldiers stood together. 70 years later one of those jewish soldiers lester tanner recounts the defiance against the german commander. >> and he says to edmunds, you can't all be jewish. someone said we're all jews here. and this german major angry takes out his luger, points it at edmunds head and said you will order the jewish-american soldiers to step forward or i will shoot you right now. >> etmunds stood his ground and the camp commander stormed off. he had saved his men. within months the war wez over and edmunds was home. he never shared the story before
12:57 pm
he passed away in 1985. >> so among those that he never told about his heroism was his very own son. thank you for being here with us. your dad was honored as a righteous among the nations by israel. it is a listing reserve for non-jews who saved jews during the holocaust. how did you find out? and why do you think he kept it quiet? >> well i found out by reading an article that i had googled my dad's name and his rank and an article from "new york times" came up. and that's where lester was being interviewed about president nixon moving back to new york in the '70s. lester makes a statement about my dad's bravery and courage. and i began a journey to find lester. and we connected. and that's how the story began to unfold. and i've met other p.o.w.s. but my dad would take it all in stride. he would say i was just doing what i'm supposed to do as a leader of men.
12:58 pm
i love my men. i was going to save them. he would think we're making a big deal about it but i think it is a big deal. it's pretty amazing. >> he would say that's his duty. that's how that generation -- that's why they were called among the greatest generation. what would you want people to remember about your dad? >> i would want them to remember that he was an ordinary everyday american. he loved his country. he loved his community. he loved god. he loved people. and the same character traits that he had, the same powers if you so to speak that he had, we all have. the power to influence people the power to intercede on their behalf the power to influence others. and then the power really that most of us don't use, which is to invest in others and make a difference in their lives. >> what do you think of the
12:59 pm
ceremony? >> i'm excited about it. it's going to be next month. and it's going to be in washington, d.c. and we're really excited. our family's excited. i went on a trip recently that was amazing. incredible people. so we're excited. >> i can only imagine the conversation that you'll have around the dinner table when with your family this holiday season. >> yes. we have those quite often even now, but they are amazing conversations. and to be able to live his legacy and to see his -- just the things that he did. but it's not just about him, it's about these men that served with him. they really are the greatest generation. and they saved the world because of their duty and their sacrifice. >> yep. thank you, sir.
1:00 pm
chris ed mondayss, appreciate it. best of luck to you and your family for the holidays. that's it for me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. thanks don. donald trump saying liar liar pantsuit on fire. "the lead" starts now. critics are saying it's the pot and kettle, but donald trump is demanding an apology accusing hillary clinton of telling a huge fat lie about him at the debate. and once more seems trump might be right. also mercilessly mowed down. a witness as people were flying in mayhem as a driver ran over dozens of people with a toddler in her car. what police are now saying about the possible motive. plus cheap thrill. in some places gas prices are now under $1.50.